Boxelder Bug, Boxelder Beetle

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Eliminating Indoor Boxelder Bug Infestations

For larger infestations, use your vacuum cleaner to help eliminate the boxelders you see inside your home.  This will be a great tool to use along with pesticide applications, but not a total substitution.  A good residual spray that is labeled for both inside homes, exterior of homes, trees and shrubs is Tempo WP.  Spray Tempo WP (using a pump type garden sprayer) along baseboards or other areas where Boxelders are seen.  The most important aspect of indoor elimination and prevention of Boxelder bugs is dusting cracks and crevices where these pest like to spend the winter.  The best insecticide dust to use is Delta Dust.  This odorless product is easily applied to cracks, crevices and voids using the Crusader Duster.  Use Delta Dust as often as you like, both as a preventative and curative control method for insect pests.  Delta Dust will not only kill boxelder bugs and other insects, it makes any treated area unappealing to future infestations of insect pests.


Outdoor Elimination of Boxelders

To eliminate outdoor Boxelders, treat the structure and vegetation (trees, shrubs) close to the structure.  The outdoor elimination of Boxelders is your best prevention against indoor infestations, so begin treatment early.   Using a good pump up garden sprayer (see our Chapin Sprayer,) mix and apply Tempo WP to the sides of your home and to trees where boxelders are seen congregating or where you have had problems in the past.   Tempo WP has excellent quick knockdown properties as well as long term residual control against a variety of pests that enter homes. This odorless insecticide has a broad label which allows you to treat a wide variety of pests safely, without causing injury to most plants.

When treating the exterior portion of your home, spray as high as possible.  You should also spray into any crack, crevice or possible entry point/hiding place where the boxelder bugs might enter.  In areas of the country where Boxelder bugs are a normal occurrence, apply a preventative spray in the late summer to keep the bugs out of your home.   

Boxelder Bug, Boxelder Beetles