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When boxelder bugs are first noticed inside your home, you should try to vacuum or physically remove as many of the beetles as possible.  Pesticide applications do not "knock down" these bugs as quickly as they would other pests such as ants and you want to eliminate as many bugs as possible to prevent them from making a mess inside your home.
Vacuuming is important in this pest control job but rarely is it enough for a severe infestation.  Use an insecticide spray that has the knock-down power needed for the pest.  For moderate to severe infestations and for better prevention, an insecticide dust should be applied to wall voids, attics or other areas where pests hide or over-winter.
For those who live in apartment buildings or other structures where exterior spraying cannot be done, spray indoors with Demon WP.  This is an odorless wettable powder concentrate that is used in homes to control a wide variety of pests: spiders, ants, roaches and others.  Use the clean-out rate (double strength) solution for the first application.  This higher rate is just as safe to use as the maintenance rate but will give a better initial kill and longer residual.
Free standing homes and buildings can use Demon WP for indoor spraying but these types of structures should also be treated on the exterior surfaces.  Use Tempo WP for indoor and outdoor spraying.  Tempo products (containing Cyfluthrin) can safely be used in homes as well as on shrubs, landscaping and ornamental plants.  These qualities are important because all such areas should be sprayed to help keep down outdoor populations before they enter the structure.

Tempo WP can be purchased alone or in money-saving kits that are designed for boxelder bug infestations and other pest control jobs.

The next step is to dust all possible wall voids, cracks, crevices, entry points or attics where boxelders hide or over-winter.  This is an important step that should not be skipped!  Perfect timing with your outdoor pesticide application will kill a great deal of the bugs but others will invade your home, hide in the walls.  Dusting these critical areas will kill more insect pests before they have a chance to cover your walls, drapes and baseboards.  Delta Dust is the preferred product for this job.  Many boxelder bugs (and other household pests) prefer traveling via your plumbing lines, due to moisture and easy access.  Delta Dust is water proof and cannot be harmed by condensation or other moisture where the dust is applied.  Use a Crusader Duster for applying your Delta Dust into the areas described.

Delta Dust and the Crusader Duster are included in Tempo Kits.  If you do not need an entire kit, Delta Dust, Tempo WP, Demon WP, Crusader Duster or the Chapin pump sprayer can be purchased individually.

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