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A pest can be any unwanted animal, insect or plant that invades your property, lawns, homes, apartments, restaurant or other business.  Desirable animals (raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, birds) and wildlife can become a nuisance when they invade your homes or destroy your gardens.  These animals are pests if they are unwanted and will not leave.

Our pest links page contains links to hundreds of pests.  Insects, spiders and other crawling pests can be controlled with the use of traps, baits, sprays, dusts, granules, aerosols.  When dealing with wildlife, our products are humane.  We do not suggest (or sell) kill traps or any other device that intentionally tortures or kills raccoons, skunks, wild dogs, coyotes, stray cats or other such creatures.  Humane repellers or humane live traps are used instead of poisons, leg traps or other inhumane devices.
When dealing with rodents (rats, mice) you have several options.  The standard rodent removal items (rodenticides, snap trap, glue traps) are available but you can also choose humane live traps.  Our live animal traps range in very small sizes (mice, chipmunks) to medium sizes (stray cats, skunks) to large traps that capture coyotes, bobcats, stray dogs.

Begin by finding your pest (or pests) in our Gallery of Pests.  The link to each pest will give you biology, description, habits and elimination methods and suggested pest control products for the job.

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