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Boxelder Bugs

When Boxelder Bugs invade your home, the infestation must be controlled indoors and on the exterior surface of the building.  Understanding this pest will aid you in eliminating insect populations in your home.  This Boxelder Bug web site will give you helpful hints on how to rid your home of the pest and how to prevent future infestations.
Arm yourself with knowledge!  Once you have identified the pest, know its habits so that you can set up a preventative pest management program.  Use the links on this site to take you through the steps needed to choose the appropriate pest control supplies and to eliminate boxelder bugs.

Pest Control Supply Store

Boxelder Bug Biology and Habits  Information to help you understand what kind of pest you are dealing with, picture of boxelder bug.

Eliminating Indoor Boxelder Bug Infestations    Once these beetles have managed to invade your home, you need a plan to eliminate the pests.

Outdoor Elimination of Boxelders    Directions for treating the exterior surfaces of buildings to help prevent migration of insects indoors.

Boxelder Elimination Products   All pest control equipment and pesticides needed for eliminating boxelder bugs (and many other pests) for indoor and outdoor application.  Individual products listed; money-saving pest control kits that contain sprays, dusts, spray and dust application equipment.

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